As first snow has fallen (and melted), it's time to ring the bell for the holiday season!
No wonder that my closet is full of goodies in a ring-a-ring mode, I'm almost
ready for the right mood for December.

coat: Louis Vuitton
top: Dholic
skirt: Zimmerman(here)
necklace: asos
bag: Givenchy(similar here)
shoes: zara(old)



I had longingly been torn between chopping my bangs straight or purposely uneven. Well I wanted to try the irregular bangs...but I just couldn't make a resolve.
Cause if you've done it once, you know, there's no way back. Though I LOVE it!



Something about the plummeting temperature really ignites a fire
in me to play with colors.
Though it is hard to pounce on a sheering coat, this colored faux-fur jacket
is cheap and easy to mix into almost any outfit......and last but not least
it keeps you warm enough!

fur jacket: Forever 21(currently available at stores!)
bag: asos(also love this)
shoes: Christian Louboutin



My new manis are inspired by agate slices that I'm obsessed lately.
I'm in love with this waving line and faintness that bring fresh air to my nails.
Hope you'd like them :D



Romantic,feminine, 100% fairy tale-like designs of Biyan frocks have stolen my heart.
Decorated with exquisite embroidery and adorned with elaborate beadwork,
Indonesian designer Biyan Wanaatmadia creates intricate couture. Now we can
actually enjoy his works on Net-A-Porter. Classic and on-trend, I just can't
help but want them all.

jacket: Biyan(available here&here)
top: Philosophy di alberta ferretti
skirt: Lily brown(JP brand/similar here)
bag: Chanel
shoes: Christian Louboutin



Long time no see!
Sorry for the absence for almost the whole week.
Well actually I was in Hawaii, Big Island.
Unlike the vacation scenes that most of you might imagine, I was frozen
and soooo exhausted there.
The place I visited was a mountain, the summit of Mauna Kea, 4.205 m(13.800 ft) high!
I had altitude sickness on the first day. Oxygen deficiency brought about
nausea and shortness of breath. But as it was coverage, I couldn't grumble.

The starlit sky was beyond words. Definitely the most beautiful starry sky
I've ever seen. But after that I found myself at a loss for words by exhaustion.

Now I'm back home and back to blogging. Though my energy still runs out,
I'm so happy to share this post with you.

dress: asos(here)
top: Style Nanda(old)
bag: Jimmy Choo(similar here)
bangle: Forever 21
socks: Some Italian brand...sorry, don't remember!
shoes: asos(here)



Fashion compels us patience from time to time.
Comfort for temperature. Bitter eyes of the others.
Definitely I don't care about being stared at, but the severe coldness
is what I cannot stand.
Every morning throughout the winter I ponder over the very same matters
''a padded coat or a woolen coat?''''a skirt or trousers?'' ''pumps or boots??''

When I was a teenager my mom always said like,
''You'd better wear more or you're gonna catch a cold!!''
Umm I still hear the voice.
But mom...I can't read your red lines no matter what age I become.

coat: Forever 21(here)
pants: Pensee(JP brand/similar here)
top: zara(old)
bag: Proenza Schouler ps11(similar here)
shoes: Sergio Rossi(similar here)