As I'm not an office worker and luckily enough I can wear whatever I want
to the small place I work, I've (almost) never worn a suit.
For me, somewhat suits are for vigorous working-women who are smart and have to behave as so. (Which means I'm not in that category)

However, inspired by some of the latest collection and street scenes, my fashion
aspire is inclined to suits things. And thanks to the amazing fashion supporter
Forever 21, I could try a pair for a lower price than I'd expected!!

jacket&pants: Forever 21(now available at store and online!!)
top: H&M
neckalce: Forever 21(similar here)
earrings: one of a kind from Etsy
bag: Celine
shoes: Stella Mccartney(here)



Since I found this beauty pair on the street shots, I couldn't help constraining my lust for these...and did pounce on.
I suppose I'm in need of more workout around my calves, 'cause they are a bit too heavy actually.



I went to a bit too extreme....haha
I know this design is so flashy. But you know our outfits get darker and darker this season,
Wanting some flash just for the nails, don't you think??



Why am I always mesmerized by statement pieces...?
Love feather, love embroidery, love stripes and love lace so much.
Every principal of these can play the leading role though,
I wanted to mix them in a look while creating a synergetic harmony.

Not to let them put in a mess, I intended to make a tricolor balance and
unified jewel pieces to gold and subtly paired pearl earrings with a
pearl buttoned booties. I'm so into star players in one story, not in an omnibus.

coat: Rekisami(JP brand)
top: Joa(here)
shorts: asos(similar here)
both bangles: Forever 21
earring: Rue Gembon(here)
bag: Saint Laurent Emmanuelle(similar here)
shoes: Dolce&Gabbana(similar here)



I'm a big fan of layering especially in fall before the layering effect will be
covered by a thick coat.
To day I'll share some layering tips for fall with you.
To start it, grab one of your summer tops and put an oversized knit top on that.
I recommend you the fall's hottest color: burgundy.
Take an advantage of this beautiful statement color as an accent, add a pair
of burgundy boots or a hat (or both!) and voila! You've got such an effortless
style with a hint of elegance!
Do you have special tips for layering? If so I'd love to hear about that!!

sweater: Forever 21(here)
top: Forever 21(here)
pants: Bleulab(here)
hat: Maison Michel(similar here)
bag: Nina Ricci
ring: asos
shoes: Michael Michael Kors(similar here)



As I mentioned before, I'm an art lover which makes me feel excited
and inspired when wearing abstract/graphic/block-colored items.

Fall is knocking on the door and this is the best season to enjoy art in a year.
Oops. I should have shared this earlier...for anybody in love with art
I highly recommend the new website of Hermes! It's dedicated entirely to
their iconic scarf with full of amazing pieces offering wonders and loads
of fun!

skirt: H&M(here)
pearl earrings: Mikimoto
gold jewel pieces: Ahkah
bag: Alexis Hudson
shoes: Christian Louboutin



My love for a big hat has just begun as the temperature drops.
It is so helpful as a statement piece when you want to spice up your style,
and also such a supportive item when you have to jumpstart your day.

Along withthe hat that worked well as an accent, I experimented to
add a neon yellow to the sleeves of the dress. (and to a bag,too!!)
Gray+purple, burgundy+pale blue, brown+orange......
I've kept color combination ideas in mind and am looking forward to sharing with you shortly.

dress: Albino
knit top: Free people(similar here)
hat: Elizabeth&James(similar here)
bag: Pierre Balmain(here)
ring: vintage
shoes: Emporio Armani(also love these)